Le Clos Course

Le Clos Course

6000 yen

Including amusement (small hors d'oeuvres) cost 600 yen will be the price

  • 6items
  • 1persons

Bread and coffee or tea included


◆ appetizer ◆

Mackerel's Carpaccio Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum with Puree Aguilar

◆ Health appetizer ◆

Light firefly squid and Tajima chicken light ragoo with Tamba mountain vegetables

◆ Fish dishes ◆

Vabour Bamboo with Sakura Bream and Sauce's Sauce

◆ Meat dish ◆

Snow princess Pork loin's Persilian tree bud

◆ dessert ◆

Yogurt and orange berries

◆ Petit Four ◆

2018/05/11 update